teachery week 3 what can low-content publishers do with teachery

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It’s day 2 of Teachery Week! And today, I’m talking about creative ways low-content publishers can use Teachery.

Obviously, Teachery is meant to be used as a course platform and that’s the first way we can use it…to create an online course and sell it.

But when you’re a low-content publisher, you’re not necessarily a course creator. So let’s talk about some unusual ways WE can use Teachery.

1. Create a course – but not just any course!

Create a course that complements one of your low-content books. 

So let’s say you have a simple gratitude journal. You could easily create additional content on the theme of gratitude and develop unique slants for your material {meaning, you could create several versions of a course and they could all start with your gratitude journal as the foundation of your program.

2.  Build your email list.

If you’re primarily publishing on Amazon or Etsy, there’s no easy way to build an email list of people who have bought your book. But you can offer up additional content and resources using Teachery and invite buyers to access that content {after they enter their email address, of course.} 

Teachery is meant to be used to create courses and a course alone is a great thing to offer those who’d like to stay connected via your list.

3.  Use Teachery to host additional content and resources.

You can do this whether you want to add people to an email list or not. Maybe, you just want to add more value for your buyers. Or maybe you can develop supplementary materials that would do well with one of your books {the educational niche comes to mind here.}

A REALLY simple way to implement this step is to offer printable/downloadable versions of your low-content books. 

A Teachery course can be set to private – requiring an email address – or public, which can be accessed by anyone with the access link. Both strategies have their benefits. You decide which works for you.

You can see a sample of a public Teachery course here. This is a copy of a REAL Black Friday Sale hub I created for my products.

4.  Host a challenge. 

Many low-content books are meant for personal development and growth so hosting a challenge is a natural extension of that. Using the gratitude journal example, you could host a gratitude challenge. If you sell puzzle books, you could host a “puzzle a day” challenge. If you publish coloring books, you could host a coloring challenge…and so on.

5.  Create a book club based on your books. 

People have already purchased your book – so invite them to your book club for an even better, more enriching experience! You could host a real-time club, where you post timely content daily or you could pre-load content and create an evergreen club that gets new content added on a regular basis.

6.  Showcase unique ways for using your book{s}.

If you’re featuring a particular book, you could use Teachery to showcase specific aspects, unusual features, or unique ways of using your books. 

7.  Host virtual workshops featuring your books.

You could lead workshops based on your low-content books OR collaborate with other individuals and have others lead workshops. With Teachery, you can schedule and drip content as well as enable commenting with Disqus so you really can create that workshop experience.

8.  Create a “daily dose” course that delivers a short, inspirational message or activity each day.

Similar to a challenge but the vibe is a little different. Let’s say you publish gardening-themed journals and planners. You could offer daily tips for gardeners. Or maybe create a 30-day program that helps new gardeners learn new skills each day in bite-sized increments. 

9.  Curate a collection of your best products.

Another fun thing you can do is create a collection of your top products and use lesson modules to “feature” each one. Then, when your buyer takes you up on your invitation to access your collection, they’re also introduced to your OTHER low-content products.

10.  Host a “daily doodle” club. 

For those of you with How to Draw Books Generator, you could supplement your books using a Teachery “daily doodle” club. Again, this could be an ongoing, real-time club {so you don’t have to have ALL of your content loaded} or you could create everything ahead of time and either make it available all at once or set it up to drip on a schedule, based on the day a person signs up. 

A similar setup could be accomplished with a “daily puzzle” club. Or a “daily worksheet” club. Lots of possibilities here!

There is So Much MORE

There’s so much more you can do because Teachery is simply a container – a place to hold content like text, audio, video, images, links, and files. 

Much like a blog/website.

Your blog/website is great for getting people to find you and is essential for connecting people with your content/products.

But Teachery is great for sharing next-level content in a private setting

It’s also great for creating a private discussion community or member hub because you can enable commenting to foster discussions.

So while you wouldn’t want to use Teachery TO blog, you can supplement your blog and low-content publishing biz with resources you create using Teachery. 

What Can Low-Content Publishers Do with Teachery?

I hope this post answers the question, “What can low-content publishers do with Teachery?” and I hope it gave you some ideas you can implement right away.

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