Teachery Week

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Yes, it’s TEACHERY WEEK! {Cue the Wheel of Fortune theme song}

And NO, I’m not going to do a hard sell.

I just wanted to showcase some of the things I love about Teachery and share how I use it as part of my online biz.

I got started with Teachery because I wanted to teach others what I was doing in my low-content publishing business

I started teaching stuff by creating password-protected blog posts and that worked okay but I really wanted something more robust and streamlined…I wanted more options and flexibility, too. 

But online course platforms are CRAZY expensive and all of them required monthly payments for as long as I wanted to use the service. 

Yuck, right?

Thankfully, I got word that there was this other course platform out there and, get THIS…you could pay it off and have access to it for LIFE.


So that’s really what sold me, at first – the price. There were three payment options to choose from and that’s still true today:

  • pay it off slowly
  • pay it off quickly
  • or pay it off immediately

{I paid it off slowly.}

I really didn’t pay too much attention to the features at the time because all I needed was a place to hold content – text, images, and videos – and a private place for students to access it.

But as I got to know the platform, I was blown away.

There was just so much I could DO with it. 

If I just wanted to create a course, I had two attractive layouts to choose from: one that could be styled as a grid and one that had the typical “sidebar” layout like Teachable or Thinkific. 

There were tons of styling options – I could pick ANY color palette and style my course accordingly. 

Plus, I could add in CSS to add even more flair and customization to the look and feel of my courses. 

And I learned that I could do some really cool things with images and links. 

Oh! And I didn’t NEED outside file storage – I could upload and link a file right inside my course!

I know, I sound like I’m fangirling here, but it is a really cool course platform. 

I’m just sharing my Teachery story in this post but tomorrow, I’ll talk about creative ways you can use Teachery as a low-content publisher!

In the meantime…

You don’t have to wait for new posts – you can sign up right now for WAIM Unlimited and get Teachery for LIFE!

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