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Yesterday, we discussed using Teachery as a low-content publisher and since I’m sharing how I use this course platform in my own online biz, I thought I’d share some fun things affiliate marketers can do.

You could even go back to day 2 and tweak those tips but swap in affiliate products you’re promoting.

But I’m thinking you want even more ideas for using this super cool platform…

Am I right?

Boosting Affiliate Promos with Teachery

When you’re promoting an affiliate product, you want to convert well and sell a ton. At the very least, you want people trusting your recommendation enough to check out an offer and, even better, buy it.

And it’s not always as simple as throwing up a buy button or affiliate link and hoping for the best.

Sometimes, you want to be strategic. And maybe even offer MORE value for your audience. {That’s what I like to do, anyway.}

So let me share some tips for boosting affiliate product revenue. Here are some creative ways affiliate marketers can use Teachery.

Create an Affiliate Bonus Hub

One of the newest features of Teachery enables us to create a course hub and I’ve chosen to use this feature to create an affiliate bonus hub. This hub showcases ALL of my bonuses that I’ve created using Teachery and visitors can click very handy buttons that take them to either:

  1. The sales page of the product attached to my bonus or
  2. The login page for the bonus I’ve created

Now, to do this, you will need to create bonuses using Teachery, whatever that may be.

You can see my affiliate bonus hub here and I’ve written this post about creating your own affiliate bonus hub.

Create a “Featured Product Showcase”

The thing about creating an affiliate bonus hub using the course hub feature in Teachery is that we are limited to courses we’ve created. If that’s too limiting, we can do the very same thing using a basic course!

We can also create a hub featuring the affiliate products we’re promoting.

You can develop a hub that highlights and educates people about your featured affiliate products, providing in-depth insights, use cases, and demonstrations to drive interest and boost sales.

A simple way to do this would be to create a new lesson or module for each product you want to showcase and include your affiliate links to the products you’re promoting.

If you’re creating an affiliate bonus hub in this way, you’d simply include links to the products you’re promoting AND information about your bonuses for those products.

Host a “Product Comparison Workshop”

Another idea is to create a course that compares and contrasts multiple affiliate products within a specific niche, providing valuable – and personal – insights and recommendations to help your people make informed purchase decisions.

Let’s say you’ve taken several courses all about building an email list.

If you would recommend those courses, you could sign up as an affiliate.

Then, you could create a program in Teachery and dedicate a lesson/module to each product, sharing your thoughts, and including your affiliate link.

{If there are products you would NOT recommend, you can include that info, too!}

Develop a “Deal Alert” Series

Sometimes, vendors offer limited-time deals and sales on their products. Well, you could create a one-stop-hub for people to get the best price on the products you promote.

You could include exclusive access to coupons you’ve secured, limited-time affiliate product deals, discounts, and promotions, creating a sense of urgency and driving sales through your affiliate links.

This could be a public hub or you could make it special by creating “V.I.P only” access and requiring email signup before your audience gets the access link.

Curate a “Tools of the Trade” Resource Library

How about creating a resource library?

Highlight your favorite tools, software, and resources and include your affiliate links to those things.

I definitely recommend having a page on your site with your favorite tools and resources listed. But you could absolutely take it one step further, showcasing these things in a private hub and including additional content.

You could even make your “tools of the trade” resource library a bonus for your buyers!

Launch a “Success Stories and Case Studies” Program

Create a course that showcases YOUR real-life success stories and case studies related to the affiliate products you’re promoting, demonstrating the value and impact these products have had on your business and life.

Of course, you’ll want to include your affiliate links and additional tips and recommendations.

Offer a “Product Deep Dive” Implementation

This is one of the most powerful ways you can promote an affiliate product! Creae a “product deep dive” implementation.

Create a course that provides in-depth explorations of specific affiliate products, and show how you’re using it and what results you get. Include tutorials, case studies, and practical applications of the product {or products} you’re promoting.

Then, offer this course as a bonus when people buy the main product.

Once you have several bonuses created with Teachery, you can then create a “course hub” featuring everything in one place, including your affiliate links to products and access links for your bonuses. {See that earlier tip about affiliate bonus hubs.}

Host an “Affiliate Expert Interview Series”

Invite industry experts and affiliate product creators for interviews and discussions, record it, transcribe it, and add it to your “expert interview series” hub.

Again, this content could be added to your site but you could also make it an exclusive private offer – one people have to sign up for to access.

Develop a “Niche Insider” Course

Are you an expert on a particular topic? What about providing “niche insider” content in a private course?

You could sell the course itself, develop it as bonus content for affiliate products you’re promoting, or promote it as an opt-in offer and generate leads and email list signups.

Of course, something like this could be created ahead of time or you could create ongoing, evergreen content and keep adding it to your course.

Create a “Product Launch Partner” Hub

Collaborate with affiliate product creators to offer a resource that provides sneak peeks, early access, exclusive insights, and special offers for new product launches, driving sales through your affiliate partnerships and promotions.

You could create one hub for each partner or create one hub that features many JV partners.

Using Teachery for Affiliate Marketing

I don’t know about you, but I want to try ALL of these! They all sound like fun and I can tell you from personal experience that these would definitely boost the value of your affiliate promotions.

If you’re excited about using Teachery for affiliate marketing, you can try it free for 14 days or join WAIM and get Teachery for LIFE!

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