Teachable Limited Courses and Raised Prices! Exploring My Top Alternative Platform

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Teachable has long been a go-to platform for online course creators. However, last year they made changes to the number of courses/products you could have {I believe current users got grandfathered in and could keep the courses they’d already published, even if they were over the new limit…but don’t quote me on that.} Then, a while back, they upped their pricing, which priced MANY course creators out completely.

These recent changes to their pricing structure and course limits have a lot of creators reconsidering their options.

With these new developments, I think it’s essential to explore alternative platforms that offer better flexibility and affordability without compromising on features and support.

I’m going to tell you right now...I’m biased.

When it comes to a top Teachable alternative, I’ve looked at other course platforms and carefully considered their features, pricing plans, and usability.

Teachery blows them outta the water.

If you’re looking for a course platform that is easy to use, offers excellent support, and most importantly, is affordable and uncapped for course creators, grab a beverage and settle in…let’s talk about Teachery.

Key Takeaways

  • Teachable’s recent changes in pricing and course limits have stirred the need for alternative platforms.
  • My favorite alternative platform offers affordability, great features, unlimited students, and no course limit.
  • Making the switch to a more suitable platform can save you money and with Teachery, there is a way to get access to it and pay it off.

How Teachable’s Pricing Compares to Teachery

Teachable has fairly recently introduced course limits and have raised prices for their platform. In this section, we’ll discuss these changes and how they may impact your online course business.

Here’s a quick look at Teachable’s current pricing and plan features:

Limited Number of Courses

As you can see from the image above, all Teachable plans have a limit to the number of courses and/or resources you can have, from 1 in the Free plan to 200 in the Pro+ plan.

Now that might not seem like a big deal to you if you only want to create one course or program, but notice the fees for the free plan…10% + $1 per transaction.

The fees drop when you get to the Basic plan and you do get to have 5 courses so this might be a good option for you. Notice, there’s still a monthly fee of $39 PLUS a 5% transaction fee for this plan.

The transaction fees drop to zero when you get on the Pro or Pro+ plan but you are still limited to the number of resources you can create – 50 and 200, respectively – and you are paying considerably more per month/year.

Increased Pricing Structure

Teachable has also updated their pricing plans. The three paid pricing plans now start at $59/month for the Basic plan, $159/month for the Pro plan, $249/month for the Pro+ plan, and $665/month for the Business plan. Annual payment plans offer a 33% discount on the lump sum payment.

Here’s a brief overview of the new pricing structure:

  • Teachable Basic Plan – $59/month
  • Teachable Pro Plan – $159/month
  • Teachable Pro+ Plan – $249/month
  • Teachable Business Plan – $665/month

Now consider Teachery.

In a nutshell, you get your first 2 weeks free and then you’ll pay $49/month or $470/year, which saves you about 20%.

Hate subscriptions and memberships that make you feel like you’ll be making that payment forever? Well, there’s even an option to “pay off” Teachery when you sign up for the Wandering Aimfully coaching program.

AND there are NO transaction fees or additional fees! You keep 100% of your course sales and there aren’t any hidden fees you have to worry about.

The Need for an Alternative

As course creators ourselves, we understand the importance of having a great platform to host and sell our online courses. Teachable has been a popular choice for many, but increasing costs and restrictions have left some of us searching for a better alternative.

Full disclosure: I’ve only ever tried the free version of Teachable and I found it kind of confusing and clunky so I never did subscribe to it.

When I got started, I used password-protected blog posts and that worked for awhile, but I outgrew that quickly. Pretty soon, I was looking for a way to create simple online courses as a way to help others, share what I knew, share how I did things, and create a new stream of income. In a way that was more streamlined that what I’d been doing.

Ease of use was very important to me but pricing was the top priority and Teachable, Thinkific, Podia…those were all pretty pricey.

I wanted the most affordable platform I could find and when I found out that I could get Teachery for a finite cost that made it more affordable than anything else available AND that the cost included a ton of other resources, I was sold and haven’t looked back.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the course platform you’re currently using or just want something more affordable than anything else, Teachery is the way to go.

My Favorite Alternative Course Platform…Teachery!

When it comes to online course platforms, there are plenty of options available. We’ve been discussing Teachable but there are other common ones like Podia, Thinkific, and even Udemy and Skillshare {though, these come with some drawbacks, too.}

When it came down to it and I considered the features, pricing, ease of use, additional resources, and support, Teachery was it for me and I think you’ll love it, too.

Here’s why…

Key Features

Teachery has LOTS of fun features that include:

  • Beautiful interface: Teachery provides a visually appealing course creation process that focuses on the user experience. The look and feel of your courses is TOTALLY customizable. You can start with a template and tweak a little or a lot…or start with a bare bones course and create something totally unique for your biz.
  • Unlimited courses and students: Unlike some platforms that have limitations, Teachery allows for unlimited courses and students, which means there’s lots of room to grow your course library and other offerings.
  • Affiliate program: There is a built-in affiliate program! It’s pretty easy to use and that means you don’t have to use another resource to recruit, sign on, manage, and pay affiliate partners.
  • Payment made easy: It’s easy to set up a payment page and take payments using Teachery’s built-in payment method, Stripe.

The Pricing Model

Teachery offers an affordable pricing model with two options to choose from:

  • Monthly Plan: Priced at $49/month, you get all the features and unlimited everything.
  • Annual Plan: Paying yearly grants you a discounted rate of $470/year, saving you about 20% on the monthly plan

These pricing plans include no transaction fees, making it an attractive choice for course creators.


You can sign up for Wandering Aimfully, which has a finite subscription and includes teachery for LIFE {this is the option I recommend.}

Creating Courses is Easy!

The user interface is streamlined and intuitive – you could login, click around a bit, and pretty much figure things out. But you also get help guides that take you through the whole process, plus you’ll get to see demo courses in various themes so you get a visual picture of how courses are laid out.

With Teachery’s built-in templates, you can launch your online course quickly and without any technical headaches. You can use these as-is or customize them completely – the choice is yours.

Top-Quality Support

When I first started using Teachery, I had a lot of questions. Sometimes I’d want to do or create something and I needed help. Sometimes I was totally lost.

So I’d do a search of their extensive help documentation {which usually answered my questions} or I’d reach out to their support.

The help chat was my bestie for awhile and Jason was always great about responding quickly, helping me do what I needed to do, and making sure I was set before the discussion ended.

This might not seem like a big deal but think about it: how often have you needed support, help, or questions answered and you didn’t get the help or answers you needed? Have you ever sent an email and just never got a response? Or maybe you got a stock response that didn’t help at all?

There are REAL people behind Teachery and that makes a HUGE difference.

Making the Switch

So how do you transition from Teachable or any other course platform you’re currently using to Teachery?

Here’s how:

  1. Save any courses you currently have: Download any videos, text files, PDFs, quizzes, and other materials you’ve created for your courses.
  2. Sign up for Teachery: To get started with Teachery, you’ll need to decide whether you want to sign up for a subscription or join WAIM. Then, create an account and get your profile set up. This will involve selecting your plan and providing your name, email, payment info, and creating a password.
  3. Re-upload course content to the new platform: Now that you have access to Teachery, it’s time to recreate your courses by uploading the materials you previously saved. You might need to reorganize your content or make some adjustments to match the format Teachery uses.
  4. Customize the course and sales page: With the content uploaded, you can work on customizing your course landing pages and payment pages. This is a great opportunity to refresh your branding, update your course descriptions, and make any necessary edits.
  5. Test the new platform: Before launching your newly transferred courses, you’ll want to test the functionality and user experience of your course on this new platform. You might want to run a test enrollment, make sure your course content is being delivered correctly, and check to make sure you like the overall look and feel.
  6. Let existing students know about the change: Let your current students know about this change and provide them with clear instructions on how to access their courses on Teachery.
  7. Adjust any marketing efforts: Lastly, make sure to update your marketing efforts, such as email campaigns, social media posts, and website links, to be sure you’re driving traffic to the right places.

It’s pretty easy to make the switch, really. You’ve done the work of creating your course content and now you just need to upload it to Teachery.

It’s even easier to switch if you don’t have any courses yet!

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